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Our herbs can be easily swallowed in a convenient way and with a drink. We offer prefilled and easy to swallow herbs containing the finest granular quality herbs. We carry a fine selection of black cohosh root and offer many products to suit your needs.

Plants contain vital health elements and our master herbalist has taken all of the essential components and mixed them into exceptional herbal medicinal quality. They are filled with the finest granular powders directly from mother nature. We also carry milk thistle herb, which helps protect the liver from toxins.

If you're in need of all natural herbal remedies like an acid reflux herb, we carry many homeopathic products with that in mind. An herbal remedy for acid reflux doesn't have the nasty side effects of over-the-counter medications. We also offer a safe herbal remedy for depression like gotu kola, which is both effective and inexpensive.

Plants encourage proper energy usage and body functions and we encourage you to try one of our medicinal herbs like chlorella. Be sure to shop all of our herbalist tea, aromatherapy products, and more at