Carrier Oils

All of our great products can be complimented by the use of our specially extracted carrier oils. Carrier oils provide a unique way to disperse the essential oils into the air and does it safe. By heating the oil product, the natural plant extracts chemical structure spaces out to allow the oils to disperse in a more uniform manner. It also helps the scent as to not overwhelm the atmosphere with a highly concentrated liquid form. Simply use a dropper to find your ratio and then burn in your favorite tea light burner. There are different ratios like 7:1 or 10:1 but you can experiment which ones you like. It spreads out the solution and can help your precious essential oil go along way.

A great way to infuse your special oil into the air is easy, fast, and prepared with you in mind. Your parties will be kicking into high gear even more and your friends will absolutely love you for it as well. Many of our extacts can also be taken internally like medicine. If you would like to take our products internally, we recommed you find a local herbologist to assist you if you need doses. A few special oils we have for this is pure coconut oil which is naturalized meaning it has the compounds of coconuts but wont interfere with your fine scent choice. Another oil is jojoba and is awesome for spacing out that plant extract to allow it to float in the air. Our herb book selections can assist you if need it. We carry a complete guide to aromatherapy and at cost as our way of saying thanks for being so special. We pride ourselves in stocking quality oils you can trust so be sure to check out our fine selection of burning oils today!