Rare and hard to find Herbal Handbooks

The complete herbal guide is a convenient and innovative way to research our extensive inventory. Our prices are suited for you since we care about your health. We carry many hard to find topics related to the ancient art of holistic healh like the complete guide to aromatherapy. If you need an herb guide to apply the use of one of our products, you have come to the right place. Our collection of books is very in depth and can arm you with complete herbal knowledge to support your research. We have many satisfied customers who have first purchased a book, upon after discovering the many chapters of wisdom that has been time tested over centuries. Our selection was carefully assembled for you in mind. They are like little encyclopedias with extensive knowlege which is specific to what it is your looking for information on. They have an index for which you can look up items like pain remedies, anxiety, mood swings and more. They often list specific ailments in alphabetical order to make it easy for you. There is also an aromatherapy section and is packed full of information on natural healthy scents. We carry a special medicinal herb guide for plants as well.