Herbal Bath and Dryer Sheet Bags

Our herbal Bath and Dryer sheet substitute bags are specially crafted so you can feel right at home. Our special herbal blends are nothing short of pure bliss. They can be used to soak in your bath tub for soothing the skin and helping to detoxify. We also carry dryer bags for dryer sheet usage with lavender and other fine herbs to enhance your laundry in a very unique way. They come in safe and durable filter pouches and replace your laundry sheet naturally. They are a new way to help you to relax. Our all natural bath soaks are made with fine herbs like organic rosehips and chamomile. And samely, our dryer bags are made with pure lavender not over bearing but just perfect in aroma. Lifes natural plants are a great way to blend with your your natural stress reliefs. Our special pouches are ready for you. Simply toss in your laundry and the ingredients will do the work fast. We have had many satisfed customers and they tell us how much they enjoy using our products for their daily lifestyles. The ingredients are listed for each type of bag and if you may have any questions related to our products or how to use them, feel free to contact us and we can help you with any need you may have.

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