Natural aromatherapy perfume touch-on Oils

Our unique product line of Aromatherapy perfume touch-on oils help you cope with stress and can be used for meditation like aromatherapy oil. Our unique line of touch-on oils aren't like your typical perfume with all the added chemical and is alcohol free. We have many satisfied customers who chose our quality and we gald to find we met and exceeded what they expected from a company like Earthshore. Simply open the bottle and you'll soon know that we are comitted to your health and safety. The touch-on oils can be applied directly onto your skin since its all natural. You can kiss the chemicals good by because our oil blends are made from the purest ingredients mother nature has supplied us. A little touch goes a long way to soothe and calm you in your own special way. It has been a proven fact that accessing the part of your brain that processes scents can improve memory more than any other stimulus. Step into one of our scents in your favorite room or car and breathe fresh air to improve your lungs. Everyone loves flowers and most of our perfumes used for aromatherapy are made from those same wonderful tones like walking into a garden. They aren't overpowering but subtle enough to wear to work ot to play. Your friends will absolutely love our scents on you and they are pet safe as well and are made with ingredients that don't contain allergens. We also stock many different aromatherapy massage oils for you to soothe and tone muscle how nature intended.