The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

This book includes an extensive index of oils, their most common uses, and recipes that can be prepared with minimal material. Valerie Ann Worwood, an aromatherapist who heads her own aromatherapy research firm in the U.K., recommends 10 basic oils and bases her recipes and blends on them. After each recipe, other oils are discussed as possible substitutions. Minor changes in each recipe can result in different scents and change the therapeutic benefits of a blend. This means that the book can grow with the reader's knowledge and collection of essential oils. Recipe topics include Basic Travel Kit, The Body Beautiful, which includes oils and powders for the face and hair, and The Gentle Touch for Babies, to name but a few. Over 160 oils are listed with instructions on how to use them, finding and recognizing quality oils, diffusing techniques, and safety indications.