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Organic Herbal Extracts

Organic herbal extracts are a great way to relieve a variety of different ailments without the added risk and side effects of over the counter medications. Trusted for centuries, liquid herb medicine has served the test of time are available and ready to use. At Earthshore Herbal Remedies, we carry a large selection of herbal health supplements in liquid form for you to apply in your preferred method. Our liquid herbal extracts are perfect for dropping into loose organic tea or a diffuser so you can reap all of the benefits of these essential products.
Catís claw bark extract can be used as organic herbal medicine for treating a wide range of health issues, including digestive discomfort, arthritis, wounds, stomach issues, cancer, and more. We also offer organic licorice root extract, which can help relieve itchy and inflamed skin, including symptoms of eczema, if applied topically. Licorice root can also relieve heartburn when blended into.
For all of the best herbal healing remedies, be sure to shop all of our products at today.
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Angelica Root Extract Angelica archangelica. For nerve and skin issues and is soothing in scent.
$11.00 Order
Astralgulus Root Extract Organic Astragalus Root's botanical name is Astralgalus membranaceus. Useful for colds, influenza, infection, night sweats, ulcers, and anemia.
$15.50 Order

Black Walnut Hull Extract Organic Juglans nigra. Black Walnut Hull's botanical name is Cimicfuga racemosa.
Status: Out of Stock
$14.00 Order
Black Walnut Leaf Extract in Liquid Form Walnuts are commonly used for cholesterol since they include many Omega 3 acids. Walnut leaf extract contains serious anti-fungal ingredient naturally occurring inside.
$10.20 Order

Blue Cohosh Root Extract Wildcrafted Caulophyllum thalictroides.
$11.50 Order
Blue Cohosh Root Extract Uncaria tomentosa.
Herbal Code: 0792
$10.40 Order

Cayenne Pepper Extract Organic Capsicum annum. A great culinary seasoning in liquid form to add to any dish.
$10.30 Order
Chamomile Flower Extract Organic Capsicum annum.
Herbal Code: 0796
$10.90 Order

Chaste Tree Berry Extract Organic Vitex agnus castus. Pain reliever and anti-paralysis for limbs and weaknesses.
Herbal Code: 0798
$10.50 Order
Cinnamon Bark Extract Organic Cinnamon burmanii.
Herbal Code: 0800
$9.50 Order
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