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Herbal Medicine Tea and Loose Organic Tea

Our herbal teas selection is unique and special. They can be used as herbal medicine tea based on their special ingredients. You can steep your teas with a tea ball. Each organic loose tea in our inventory will have its own properties but you can rest assured, you will be indulging in great flavor of tea loose leaf which is also good for you. Steep a hot cup of our razzlemint tea and you will be glad you did. It includes natural mint and citrus hints for cup of tea full of flavor.
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Afternoon Delight Organic Tea An organic blend of peppermint, chamomile flower, licorice root, and cinnamon for sweetness (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0206
$11.60 Order
Bancha Tea Organic Harvested late in the growing season, our organic bancha has a light, refreshing flavor, and mildy vegetal finish. Also very popular in Japan. (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0211
$10.40 Order

Ceylon Tea Organic Camella Sinesis. From the high elevation Thotulagalla Garden in the Uva District. Has a soft bright character and intriguing flavor notes remind some of citrus and eucalyptus only available in 16 oz. size (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0301
$14.90 Order
Calming Rest Tea Organic Chamomile, peppermint, scullcap herb, Indian green tea decaffeinated, wood betony, catnip, passion flower, stevia herb. (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0212
$11.00 Order

Ceylon Tea Fair Trade Organic Camella Sinesis. From the high elevation Thotulagalla Garden in the Uva District. Has a soft bright character and intriguing flavor notes remind some of citrus and eucalyptus. (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0213
$15.80 Order
Chai Tea Organic A blend of organic herbs and spices. Tradionally served with milk and sweetened plentifully (caffeine free).
Herbal Code: 0214
$8.60 Order

China Black Tea Organic Camellia sinensis. This full flavored tea from China brews to a rich brown cup (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 227
$10.60 Order
Chunmee Green Tea Known as "eyebrow" tea from the way the leaf looks. The pan-fried leaves produce a highly fragrant clear, yellow-greenish brew with a unique sweet flavor. (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0222
$9.30 Order

Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea Organic Camilla sinensis. Made with the finest organic herbs and spices. (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0226
$14.90 Order
Darljeeling Tea Organic FTGOP Camilla sinensis. This tea comes from India and grows on the southern slopes of the Himalayas along Indias nothern border. The long and partially opened leaf produces a full bodied tea having a nutty flavor. (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0302
$11.60 Order

Earl Grey Tea Organic Sri Lanka. A black tea base scented with oil of bergamot, a citrus plant. (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0237
$11.60 Order
Energy Adjustment Tea Organic An energy tea with ginkgo leaf eluthero root and is caffeine free(resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0239
$10.85 Order

English Breakfast Tea Organic A blend of Chinese OP and Keemun tea. Has a full bodied and robust flavor (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0244
$11.30 Order
Genmaicha Tea Organic Combines green tea with fire-popped brown rice in tea with a mild, toasty aroma and warming, nutty flavor (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0246
$11.80 Order

Gunpowder Green Tea A tea made from young to medium leaves, rolled into balls. Due to the rolling, its has the longest shelf life of any tea. Has a crisp clear flavor (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0249
$11.00 Order
Hibiscus Heaven Tea Organic Hibiscus sabdariffa. Made from hibiscus, rosehips, and citrus. High in vitamin C. Our best Seller! (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0254
$9.85 Order

Indian Green Tea An organic black tea from the mountains of southern India. Has a mild, bright flavor, fresh finish and is naturally decaffeinated (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0303
$12.80 Order
Irish Breakfast Tea Organic Created to matched the style favored by the tea loving Irish. Our blend features the malty robustness of Assam black tea from India with Chinese tea for added complexity (resealable pouch).
Herbal Code: 0259
$10.60 Order
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