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Our capsules are easily swallowed in a convenient way and with a drink. Our fine selection of herbal solutions include natural homeopathic products containing only the finest granular quality herbs. We carry a fine selection of all natural herbal remedies and offer many products to suit your medicinal needs.
Plants contain vital health elements and our master herbalist has taken all of the essential components and mixed them into exceptional herbal medicinal capsules. These capsules are filled with the finest granular powders directly from mother nature. We also carry milk thistle herb capsules, which helps protect the liver from toxins.
If you’re in need of all natural herbal remedies like an acid reflux herb, we carry many capsules and homeopathic products with that in mind. An herbal remedy for acid reflux doesn't have the nasty side effects of over-the-counter medications. We also offer a safe herbal remedy for depression like gotu kola, which is both effective and inexpensive.
Plants encourage proper energy usage and body functions and we encourage you to try one of our medicinal herbs like chlorella capsules. Be sure to shop all of our herbalist tea, aromatherapy products, and more at
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Alfalfa Grass Capsules May reduce cholesterol and help prevent heart disease. Easy to swallow capsule.
Herbal Code: 0910
$13.00 Order
Ashwagandha Root Capsules Ashwagandha Root's botanical name is Withania somnifera. Provides placebo effects for emotional mood swings.
Herbal Code: 0912
$13.40 Order

Astragulus Root Capsules Astragalus Root's botanical name is Astralgalus membranaceus. Useful for colds, influenza, infection, night sweats, ulcers, and anemia.
Herbal Code: 0913
$14.75 Order
Bee Pollen Capsules
Herbal Code: 0915
$13.85 Order

Billberry Leaf Capsules The Bilberry's botanical name is Vaccinium myrtillus. Known aid for helping diseases of the bladder and kidneys.
Herbal Code: 0917
$13.50 Order
Black Cohosh Root Capsules Black Cohosh Root's botanical name is Cimicfuga racemosa. Poison antidote and snake bites and many other disorders.
Herbal Code: 0919
$16.00 Order

Black Walnut Hull Capsules Black Walnut Hull's botanical name is Cimicfuga racemosa.
Herbal Code: 0921
$13.50 Order
Bladderwrack Capsules Bladderwrack's botanical name is Fucus vesiculosus. Thought to reduce obesity by stimulation of the thyroid gland.
Herbal Code: 0923
$13.75 Order

Burdock Root Capsules From Mother Nature, Organic Arctium lappa. Burdock root capsules are a diuretic without the side effects such as irritation and nausea.
Herbal Code: 0927
$13.80 Order
Cat's Claw Bark Capsules Uncaria tomentosa.
Herbal Code: 0931
$12.80 Order

Cayenne Pepper Capsules Capsicum annum. 40K Heat Units.
Herbal Code: 0933
$13.30 Order
Chaste Tree Berry Capsules Vitex agnus castus. Pain reliever and anti-paralysis for limbs and weaknesses.
Herbal Code: 0935
$13.25 Order

Chlorella Capsules Chlorella pyrenoidosa.
Herbal Code: 0937
$14.40 Order
Damiana Leaf Capsules Turnera diffusa. Also known as Mexican holly, and oreganillo. A stimulant used to increase desire and libido.
Herbal Code: 0943
$12.50 Order

Dandelion Root Capsules Taraxacum officiale. A stimulant to the digestive system and used largely as an aid with kidney and liver disorders
Herbal Code: 0945
$13.15 Order
Devils Claw Root Capsules Harpagophytum procumbens.
Herbal Code: 0948
$13.40 Order

Dong Quai Root Capsules Angelica sinensis. Known as a great female hormone regulation aid.
Herbal Code: 0950
$14.75 Order
Echinacea Angustifolia Root Capsules Echinacea angustifolia. Increases bodily resistance to infection, boils, syphillis, and blood impurities.
Herbal Code: 0954
$16.50 Order
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