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Tea Infusors and Accessories

We offer many unique accessories for our products. Our large selection of empty gelatin capsules along with vegetable capsules can be used to fill with your favorite herbs with our do-it-yourself easy capsule machine. Simply place in the capsule filler machine. Other accessories include tea infusers or a tea ball and steepers! All of our products make great gifts as well.
If you are in need of an herb bible we offer plenty of options for you to enjoy here at!
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Mesh Tea Ball 2 inches wide.
Herbal Code: 1082
$6.00 Order
Mesh Tea Ball With Handle 2.5 inches wide.
Herbal Code: 1084
$11.00 Order

Ceramic Tea Ball 1.75 inches.
Herbal Code: 1086
Status: Out of Stock
$21.41 Order
Heart Shaped Infusor 2 inches.
Herbal Code: 1087
$12.00 Order

Heart Spoon Infusor w/handle.
Herbal Code: 1088
$12.00 Order
Mesh Tea Ball 4 inches wide.
Herbal Code: 1085
Status: Out of Stock
$12.58 Order
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