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Our selection of extracts consist of pure essential Oil. They are a rare gift from mother nature. Essential oils are considered the life force that exists in all things. Our essential oil is very pure. Plant oils are used for herbal health. Fragrance Oils and herbal essences emit from plants and used for aromatherapy. They are extracted from herbs, bark, roots, flowers, seeds, plants and fresh fruits to produce extracts. They abound with special healing qualities. We carry the finest herbal healing remedies in easy to use extracts. Also enjoy our lavender essential oil.
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If you like tea or need health remedies, you have come to the right place. Our herb shop includes health supplement capsules or damiana leaf tea, herbs we have a fine selection. Aromatherapy touch-ons are wonderful! Tea is also very healthy. Use a spice grinder or spice jar with our spices. We have many items to suit your needs. Plants have vital items inside them. Our master herbalist has been very wise. A master herbalist is an expert on herbs. Use loose Oolong tea to help digestive health. Our Oolong tea is healthy. Our carrier oils are below retail cost. Superfood is a great addition your diet. Extracts from plants are consumed well in organic tea. Enjoy our fine tea tree oil. Our tea tree oil concentrate has many uses. You can make a black walnut tincture concentrate with any of our herbs.
We have pain remedies in capsules. If you need a homeopathic remedy for anxiety, you have come to the right place. Consider Hyssop Leaf as a natural remedy for anxiety. Burdock Root is also used for many ailments. If you need a natural remedy for acid reflux, we carry many types for that purpose. An herbal remedy for acid reflux is a great way to get the benefits without side effects.
Our fine line of tea bags, and organic tea is unique. Tea tree oil is great for sinus clearing. Our organic skincare products help tone and fortify your skin. We also offer many medicinal remedies just for you. Our herbal remedy for depression is safe, effective and inexpensive. We also have organic oil below retail cost. Healthy approaches have placebo effects. Enjoy our supplements for your needs. Plants encourage proper energy usage. Recently, we have added herbalist tea and aromatherapy products. Our selection of lotions and holistic fragrances is very popular. We also have many books about alternative health. Check out our fine selection of tea. Tea tree oil can be used as a treatment for pain. Essential oil is used in a burner. A master herbalist uses a concentrate oil with extracts. You can too. These include essential oils like Jojoba oil, and Coconut Oil. We offer many items to suit your needs. You can find our herbs. Use loose Oolong tea for detox clean and pain. Our Oolong tea is healthy.

Anise Spice - Many culinary chefs use Anise in cakes, cookies, and sweet breads. In the Middle East and India, it is used in soups and stews. Its licorice like flavor is popular in candies and it is also used as a flavoring in in liqueurs. Qualities & Properties: Expectorant, anti-spasmodic, carminative, anti-microbial, aromatic, galactogogue. Anise spice orginates from Egypt and has been known about for centuries.

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GreenPower Blend Superfood is a synergystic blend of potent, plant foods and green vegetables. The ingredients in this supplement provide the antioxidents needed for health and well-being. It's a complete green supplement packed with all the essential nutrition our bodies need. The "superfood" spirulina is 60% vegetable protein from barley grass, which is rich in copper, potasium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, enzymes and chlorophyll, beta carotene and chlorella. It helps alkalize, energize, and nourish our cells. It also balances the bodies pH level. Organic GreenPower Blend is specially formulated to help the body convert its own reserves of energy for use and can stimulate energy.
In addition to the wide range of spices and Herbal Health items, we also offer an extensive selection of loose Chinese Herbal Tea and Organic Tea. If you are looking for Tea Bags or infusors, please view our tea accessories section. Our Oolong tea is the finest in taste, quality, and aroma. Oolong Tea calms the stomach. Our tea selection includes organic tea, green and white teas, and Flavored Teas. You can also pick from our large assortment of loose teas, including many western organic teas and everything from the popular Essiac Tea, High Tea, to the new Detox tea, Chai Tea, and tea mulling spices for holistic nutrition. We also support Fair Trade Certified Tea , ecologically conscious and responsible farmers around the world by offering many of their great-tasting loose leaf tea.
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Our body care products include bath blends, cocoa butter and organic fragrance oils with aromatherapy health products made from vegetable glycerine, shea, cocoa/jojoba butters, and seaweed baths with high quality aromatherapy topical oils for holistic nutrition like aloe vera and Vitamin E. We also offer a variety of intriguing and easy-to-use wonderfully aromatic bath bags. You can also enjoy any one of our essential oil blends and massage oils in an assortment of delicious aromas such as rose, vanilla, sage, and honeysuckle. All of which are great oils for aromatherapy.
Herbal alternative medicine has been trusted for centuries. We offer many types of herbs with many other unique products. Our extensive selection includes items as organic Tea, herbs for pain remedies, oils for aromatherapy and skin, and ashwaganda for arthritis. We also offer a homepathic solution for anxiety. All of our products are prepared with the finest processing techniques!

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